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How to Become An SQL Database Administrator in 2023: Step by Step Guide

I think Oracle DBA is paid more than the Microsoft SQL Server DBA. I am thinking to go with Oracle certifications. You can also do some research into the companies that you’d like to work for, or even into the company you currently work for, to see what is being used and what the demand is. While they both run the SQL language with some minor differences, the administration side of them is widely different. An Oracle DBA would know the same administration concepts as a Microsoft SQL Server DBA, but the actual implementation and setup and details are quite different.

how to become a sql dba

SQL Server 2019 is a secure and consistent platform for building data management solutions. Using Server 2019, you can run transactions faster with enhanced performance and high availability. Additionally, in SQL Server 2019 you can analyze, integrate, and manage both unstructured and relational big data using big data clusters and data virtualization. General Assembly’s Data Analytics Immersive is designed for you to harness Excel, SQL, and Tableau to tell compelling stories with a data driven strategy. This program was created for analysts, digital marketers, sales managers, product managers, and data novices looking to learn the essentials of data analysis.

Promotion Potential for Database Administrators

Some database administrators work directly onsite at their employer’s place of business, as part of a larger IT team. Other database administrators are hired by smaller organizations, contracted through an independent firm to provide database services. Typically, database administrators work in locations where companies store large amounts of customer or transactional data. Georgia Tech’s Database Systems Concepts & Design course at Udacity offers a basic understanding of major real-world projects for database application development methodologies.

Database administrators were at the very heart of this new reality, as they still are today. Certain certifications will boost your database administration prowess by a great deal. Some are offered by the tech giants Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle, while others are not software-specific. According to Indeed, database administrators earn an average annual salary of $91,385. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that database administrator jobs will grow by 9% between 2021 and 2031.

Are you ready to start learning?

DBAs may need a further Master’s degree in Database Administration or Information Technology, depending on the size and complexity of their organization. Altibase is a high-performance open-source relational database and is compatible with Oracle. Database Administration training is typically conducted online and leads to DBA certification.

  • For more information on the day-to-day duties of a DBA, check out Monster’s sample database administrator job listing.
  • It’s quite easy to learn one type of SQL and then move into the other type, as most of it is the same.
  • If you’re interested in becoming an sql database administrator, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need.
  • Ability to implement database patches and backup/recovery procedures.
  • They often have industry knowledge that is relevant and useful as you prepare to become certified.

But if you don’t have a degree, what would you be able to do to expand your attractiveness for the time being? To begin with, consider beginning a software engineering what is sql dba qualification program. Check with your nearby schools and colleges and will undoubtedly discover one that offers a program perfect for your calendar.

Gain Experience

Database administrators need at least a bachelor’s degree in information science or computer science for most entry-level positions. Depending on the size and complexity of their company or governing body, these professionals may need a master’s degree in database administration or information technology. All database administrators need fundamental knowledge of structured query language and software vendor certifications. Database administrators must be knowledgeable of all aspects of designing, organizing, and maintaining information storage needs for any particular company. A strong generalized background in relational database management systems, including an understanding of structured query language , is a basic prerequisite for all database professionals. More specific and advanced database skills and knowledge are required to operate specific platforms, including various Oracle products , Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and more.

How do I start a career in DBA?

  1. Complete your education. The minimum educational qualification required to become a database administrator is a bachelor's degree in computer science or information technology.
  2. Get certified.
  3. Gain experience.
  4. Apply for jobs.

The workplace for a database administrator is usually an office environment. Most database administrative work will be done on the computer, although some system database administrators may also visit servers or database hardware personally. These reports can be in the form of pre-formatted reports using the application frontend, or custom-made ad hoc reports by the database administrator. One place to look for database administrator roles is the job site Jooble.

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