Each one of us is born in the world for a reason. Therefore, we all deserve to celebrate the day we were born. We know the birthdays of few children with us, while we have no idea about the same for others. For kids like this, we have chosen a day to celebrate their birthday and aim to do it with joy and fun. A lot of loving people come to our shelter to celebrate their birthdays and our kids were all excited about it. We thought they deserve to celebrate their birthday too. We post on our Facebook and WhatsApp pages about the birthday details of each kid. A lot of people wish them over social media and few even call us up to wish the birthday child. The amount of happiness this gives the children cannot be described by words. From the year 2016, we also mention the birthday dates of the children on our yearly calendar which you can refer to. You can sponsor to celebrate the birthday of our kids. The total cost comes to around INR 4000 for one celebration. This will include:


   A birthday dress for the star of the day

   A cake to share between the children

   Non-vegetarian dinner for all the kids

 Make these young souls happy and excited by sponsoring them for their birthdays.

Sponsor a Kid's Birthday

Donation Amount: 4,000.00 per year